Askenäs L, Aidemark J, Jaarsma T, Strömberg A, Klompstra L. Co-design to self-organizing exergaming - A study of stimulating physical activity for elderlt people with a chronic condition.  International Conferences Internet Technologies & Society 2019 and Sustainability, Technology and Education 2019; 2019; Algarve, Portugal; 2019. 



Conference presentations


ACNAP-EuroHeartCare 2022, Madrid Spain
Poster presentation: Development of a mobile exergame for increasing physical activity in patients with heart failure
L. Klompstra1, A. Stromberg1, A. Berglund2, E. Berglund2, J. Fallstrom2, H. Oradd2, T. Jaarsma1 
(1) Linkoping University, Department of Social and Welfare studies, Linkoping, Sweden (2) Linkoping University, Department of Computer and Information Science, Linkoping, Sweden